Save and improve other people’s lives by donating your poop. The easiest donation!


We ONLY accept Spanish donors following the Mediterranean diet, being Spain the healthiest country in the world according to most rankings and having the longest lifespan in Europe.

If you are selected as a microbiome donor you will receive a monetary compensation. You only need to use the pickup and storage kit you will be given and give your donation to our pick up team.

A fair compensation

  • €30 for donation

Payments will be made only via banks transfer.

Minimal requirements to become a donor

• Being under 30 (15 to 30) and living in SPAIN.

• Being in EXCELLENT health: No allergies, metabolic disorders, food intolerances, or other diseases (physical or mental).

• Be physically fit and active, having good aerobic capacity and regular gym or sporting activity.

• No antibiotics in the last year or previous abuse of them.

• Follow a healthy diet (no processed foods or beverages).

How should I deliver my poop?

It’s very easy!

You will receive a free pickup kit and one of our team members at Microbioma will pick up your samples at your place as soon as they are ready, that simple!

So how do I donate?

It might take only a few days from selection to donation.

1) If you live in Spain, register to apply.
2) Fill in the form during the registration.
3) If you are selected, we will get in touch with you.
4) You will be required to do some blood and stool tests (at recipient’s expense if you have no free healthcare in your country) to make sure no disease can be passed on to the recipient, and verify some of the information you were asked in the questionnaire.
5) It’s possible that you will be asked for a small 5 minute interview if everything has gone well.

It's that easy! If you think you can be a good donor and you decide to donate, you will be helping a lot of people! Click below to register now!