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Thank you very much for applying and for your generosity! 

If your profile is compatible to be an ideal donor, we will contact you.
Make sure you have given us a mailing correct contact. A selected donor must go through a second round in which all medical claims will be verified by the recipient or healthcare provider.


Should you be accepted as a final donor, the recipient or their doctor/health provider will compensate you for the inconvenience caused to donate your stool between 30 to 300 euros (40 to 400 dollars ) per month according to the number of donations made. Such microbiota transferences may need 10 to 20 donantios per cycle or in some cases many more for several weeks.


Unlike donated blood or sperm, in this case there is no limit on donations so you may be able to donate to several different recipients for long periods of time. (The compensation is made solely for the inconvenience and at any time or form involves a payment or contract of sale of stool which is strictly prohibited. But more important is your genuine willingness to help and no economic interest.)

Thank you for your generosity, your donation can change and improve the lives
of many people and that is the most important thing.