A potential donor at your fingertips!


We put you in touch with POTENTIAL DONORS in your area that might donate their poop to you in exchange for a fair monetary compensation for their time and effort. In some jurisdictions it may not be legal for this to be considered a purchase or commercial transaction. In which case this is a compensation for the time and effort only. We consider the following compensation to be fair, but it's up to both of you, some donors will not even require a monetary compensation in exchange:

€30/$40 for single donations up to 5
€120/$160 for a full week donation (5 days)
€300/$400 for a whole month donation (20 days or less)

IT'S YOUR OBLIGATION AND RESPONSIBILITY TO VERIFY DONOR HEALTH STATUS AND ASK FOR ALL THE NECESSARY BLOOD AND STOOL TESTS. We only get you in touch with the POTENTIAL donor after checking their suitability based on the information they provide to us, but you must verify it at your own risk. Most important is common sense. You must ask for all the blood tests your health provider might consider.

Prior to looking for the donor

You should discuss your situation with your health provider and decide whether an FMT might be helpful for your condition. We will provide you with a list of blood and stool tests that you must have the donor take to verify their health status is optimal.

Once you have made the decision, if you want to get in touch with a donor in your area send us an email or tell your health provider to email us at :

US & Canada:

All other countries:

Include the area where you live (city and zip code) and we will check what is the closest donor to you in that area that you can get in touch with.

Again we remind you that it’s yours or your health provider’s obligation to verify donor health status by asking for blood & stool tests, and questionnaire.