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Established in 2017

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Help Improve lives and make money off your poop

If you’ve never heard of it, it might sound weird, but the gut microbiome is something extremely important that affects virtually all aspects of human health – not just the gut!

MICROBIOMA.ORG is the world’s first and largest microbiome superdonor stool bank, with the goal of making easily available high-quality Fecal Microbiota Transplants from top selected donors for people who want or need it.


FMT is a simple and safe procedure that can improve and in some cases fully reverse certain conditions, but must always be done in safe conditions and must come from a very healthy and well tested donor in order to avoid potential adverse effects.


You can get your FMT by buying an already prepared solution directly from us, obtained from our fully tested superdonors.


People can perform the procedure on their own by following the right guidelines, or they can have a health provider involved but it’s not required.


During COVID19 you can perform FMT safely at home using our FMT preparations, order now our ready to use microbiota solution, and receive at home.


Whatever your interest is, donating your poop or receiving a top quality FMT from a superdonor, click on the following links:

Your poop can save lives!