Save and improve other people’s lives by donating your poop. The easiest donation!


Although it might sound weird at first, this is a very serious topic that affects us all, no matter age or any other factor. Bacteria, viruses, archaea, and fungi are types of the trillions of microbes that live within our gut (most of them and their functions still unknown to science), called microbiota. They make up the "gut microbiome" and are critical for optimal health throughout the entire body. These microbes are found in your poop, and transplanting them into other people can greatly improve many health conditions and even save lives like the well known case of Clostridium Difficile infection that takes thousands of lives a year in every country. If you are selected as a microbiome donor you will receive a monetary compensation by the recipient or health provider for your effort and time taken to donate. You only need to use the pickup and storage kit you will be given and leave your donation in the agreed point or to the agreed person depending on the arrangement between you and the recipient.

A fair compensation

  • €30/$40 for single donations up to 5.
  • €120/$160 for a full week donation (5 days).
  • €300/$400 for a whole month donation (20 days or less).

*This is a recommendation chart only, you can agree to any other amount between both of you or do it for free.

You must understand that for obvious reasons it might not always be possible to donate everyday or on the agreed upon day.

It may not be legal in some jurisdictions for this to be considered a purchase or commercial transaction. In which case this is a compensation for the time and effort only.

Minimal requirements to become a donor

• Being under 30 (15 to 30).

• Being in EXCELLENT health: No allergies, metabolic disorders, food intolerances, or other diseases (physical or mental).

• Be physically fit and active, having good aerobic capacity and regular gym or sporting activity.

• No antibiotics in the last year or previous abuse of them.

• Follow a healthy diet (no processed foods or beverages).

How should I deliver my poop?

It’s very easy!

Recipient or their clinic will provide you the necessary material for the poop collection and delivery. It's very important that you poop directly in a sterile ziplock bag to avoid any contamination. Then immediately flatten/remove any air bubbles prior to zipping shut, since oxygen kills most of the critical microorganisms that live in an anaerobic (free of oxygen) environment like our gut. It should be fine at room temp for 1/2 an hour, or an insulated lunch bag with ice in it for a few hours.

Light can also harm many microbes. Again there is no light in our gut. So the insulated lunch bag would also work to protect it from light exposure.

So how do I donate?

It might take only a few days from selection to donation.

1) Register to apply.
2) Fill in the form during the registration.
3) If you are selected, we will get in touch with you.
4) You will be required to do some blood and stool tests (at recipient’s expense if you have no free healthcare in your country) to make sure no disease can be passed on to the recipient, and verify some of the information you were asked in the questionnaire.
5) It’s possible that you will be asked for a small 5 minute interview if everything has gone well.

It's that easy! If you think you can be a good donor and you decide to donate, you will be helping a lot of people! Click below to register now!